A Quick Racket Tour

A Quick Racket Tour

If you only read one thing about Racket, read this. It's your 3 minute guide to Racket.
A Quick Racket Tour

Hey, thanks for checking out Racket!

Perhaps you've listened to a Racket or three, or heard folks talking about it and wonder what all the racket was about. You're in the right place.

Racket's the easiest way to get your voice online, to tell your story, record a conversation and interview others about their ideas, and share your voice with the world.

All it takes is your phone or computer, the built-in mic, and a few minutes to record. Tap Record, take a deep breath, then pour your heart out. A couple taps later, and your ideas will be ready to share.

Here's how it works.

The Racket Feed—where you'll discover your new favorite voices.

It all starts at the Racket feed. When first open the Racket app or go to racket.com, you'll see the trending Rackets—the ideas, stories, poems, interviews, and more that everyone's talking about.

Tap a Racket to listen to it. It'll open in a player on the bottom of your screen, where you can like the Racket, speed it up, or skip ahead, while still browsing the other top Rackets of the day. More on that in a bit.

Want more Rackets? Tap New to listen to the latest Rackets in reverse chronological order, Top to see the most popular Rackets of all time, and My Queue to jump to Rackets you've saved for later.

You'll see who's most popular on Racket this week in the left sidebar—with a Search field to look for Rackets about your favorite topics in the top left corner. And if there's a new feature in Racket, check the What's new widget in the lower left.

The Racket Player—where you can lean back and listen to other's stories

Back to the Racket player. You'll get a mini player in the feed; open a Racket in a new tab or click a Racket link someone shares on Twitter or elsewhere, and you'll get a full-screen player.

Either way, you can tap the heart to like a Racket, scrub the timeline to jump ahead, or tap Share to post the Racket on Twitter, Facebook, and more. Want to listen later? Tap the + button to add it to your Queue. Want to read the Racket? Tap the 3-dot menu and select Transcript for auto-generated text.

The Racket Studio—where you can record your voice and share it with the world

And then, the Racket Studio. Tap the Create or Make a Racket buttons in Racket, or go to racket.com/studio/your_user_name to jump into your studio.

There, you can record up to 9 minutes of audio, solo or with guests. There's chat to have conversations off-mic, and a mute button if you don't want to be recorded. Tap pause if you need to check your notes or catch your breath, or want to do a re-take.

Then, add a title, tags, and cover photo (with built-in photos to search through, if you don't have anything ready), and seconds later your story will be ready to share with the world.

That's Racket in a nutshell.

Now it's your turn—ready to make a Racket?

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