How to Check and Tweak your Racket notifications

How to Check and Tweak your Racket notifications

Make sure you don't miss out on anything that happens on Racket.

Likes. Questions. Follows. Answers.

There's a lot going on at Racket, and your Notifications page is where to keep up with it all. Whenever something new comes in, you'll notice a red dot with a number beside your notifications bell on Racket. Tap that to see what happened.

There, you'll see every follow, like, answer, and more—and can click through to listen, or follow people back right from your notifications.

Get an email or push notification whenever you get a new Racket notification

Don't want to wait until you open Racket to see your new notifications?

By default, Racket will send you emails when you get new direct messages, or if someone you follow posts a new Racket, or every so often when we ship new updates. And, coming soon, Racket's mobile app will have push notifications to let you know about new messages and Rackets, too.

You can tweak your Racket notifications from your Racket account settings or the link in the bottom of every email you receive from Racket, to get notified every time something comes in or dial it down and only get emails about the most important things.

And, no matter what settings you choose, you can always find all of your notifications back in your Racket account.

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