How to build a queue of Rackets and publish later

How to build a queue of Rackets and publish later

You've got ideas to share—but they're not ready for primetime just yet. Here's how to save them for later.
Draft Rackets have a Publish button; published Rakcets have an Edit button.

Sometimes you've got something you want to say—but it's 10PM and you'd rather publish when your followers are online. Or maybe you're on a roll, and want to record a bunch of Rackets, one after another, then publish them later one at a time so your followers will have time to listen.

All you need to do is to fill out your queue with recordings, then come back and publish when you want the Racket to go live.

First, record your Racket as normal. Pause when you're done talking, click the yellow Publish button in the lower right corner of the Racket Studio—then, when Racket asks you to add a title, just close the tab. You could then go back to the Studio and record again, or go on with your day, leaving your draft Racket for later.

Then, once you're ready to publish your Racket, go to your Racket My Posts page from the Racket menu, and click Publish beside the draft Racket with only the recording date. You can then add a title, tags, and cover photo as normal—and once that's done, your Racket will be live on your Racket profile, along with everything else you've published.

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