How to Edit a Racket

How to Edit a Racket

Add a new title, cover photo, or tags, or rework your transcript.

You can't edit your Racket's audio; the only way to tweak your Racket audio is to pause while you're recording and delete the most recent segment. Once you've clicked Publish, your Racket audio's set in stone.

But you can change everything else anytime you want, tweaking your title or swapping out the cover photo to something that fits better.

To edit your Racket, either click the 3-dot menu on a Racket then select Edit my Racket, or open your My Posts page from the Racket menu and tap Edit beside any of your published Rackets.

There, you'll see the same options you saw when originally publishing your Racket. You can update the title, add or remove tags, or change your Racket's NSFW settings. And, you can upload a new photo or search for a new one that fits your Racket.

Then, there's the Transcript. Racket will automatically transcribe your audio, but sometimes it'll get things wrong—especially sentence breaks and punctuation. You can update the Transcript with the script you were reading from, if you want, or tweak the automated transcript to fix any mistakes.

Or you can take the Transcript further. Racket supports Markdown in the Transcript, so you could add a full description to your Racket, complete with bold and italicized text, links, lists, and more.

When you're done, save the changes, and your newly updated Racket will be ready for listens and shares.

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