How to Listen to Rackets on your Phone

How to Listen to Rackets on your Phone

Racket, on the go.

It's easy to find time to listen to a Racket, when they're only 9 minutes long at most, but odds are you don't want to sit around while you're listening. You've got stuff to do, too.

So take Racket on the go. As long as you've got an internet connect, you can listen to Racket anywhere: On your phone, with the screen turned off, or connected to your bluetooth speakers, or on CarPlay, or on headphones on your commute.

Just open in your browser, tap play, then go on with life. The Racket you selected will play however you've set audio to play from your phone. Connect headphones or link with your car, and the Racket will play over the speaker you picked.

For now, you'll be able to see the name of the Racket playing, and can scrub forward and backwards—or use the quick buttons to jump forward or back 10 seconds.

Want to keep listening to Rackets? The easiest way is with Volleys or your Queue. Open a Volley, start playing a response, and the subsequent responeses will auto-play one after another. Or, you can queue up Rackets—tap the + button on any Racket to add it to your queue, then open your Racket Queue, start playing, and your saved Rackets will play one after another, automatically.

And, stay tuned: There's a Racket mobile app coming soon!