How to make a Volley

How to make a Volley

Got an idea you’d like others to chime in on? That’s what Volleys are for. Here’s how to use them.

Some ideas are for everyone to talk about together. That's what Volleys are for. They're short questions and ideas that get people talking in Rackets of their own.

You'll likely find Volleys from their Racket replies. If a Racket starts out with a question from one person and an answer from another, check the top corner—odds are, it's a volley reply. Tap that to see the original Volley, and all of its answers.

Or, go directly Racket's Volley page at to see all of the latest and most popular Volley discussions. There, you can listen to individual Volley responses and heart them or send a DM to share your thoughts. Or, keep listening—the next Volley responses will auto-play so you can hear what everyone's thinking.

Reply to a Volley

Got an idea of your own to share about this Volley? Click the Reply button, and Racket will open your Studio—only this time, the Start Recording button will have the Volley question underneath. You can listen to the Volley prompt again, then click Start Recording and record your reply.

When you're done recording and publish your Racket, the original question will play first followed by your up-to-9-minute response.

Or, if you're in the studio waiting to record, but can't think of what to say, click the Volleys link in the studio to preview some of the most recent Volleys and record your take on an answer.

Start a new Volley

Or, you can start your own Volley. Got a question or prompt idea you'd love to get others talking about? Go to, tap Start a Volley, then you can record your own up-to-30-second Volley prompt.

Then, share it around, and get your friends' responses.

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