How to Send and Receive Racket Direct Messages

How to Send and Receive Racket Direct Messages

It's Racket, but 1 minute long, and private.

You're listening to a Racket and wow. You've got to tell the person who recorded the Racket that you enjoyed it, share your thoughts about what they said.

Everything on Racket is audio-first, messaging included. That's what Racket's Direct Messages or DMs are for. You can record and send an up-to-1-minute message to anyone on Racket.

There are a few ways to send DMs:

  • Tap the envelope icon while listening to a Racket
  • Tap the Message button on anyone's Racket profile
  • Open your Racket Messages pane from the paper airplane icon in Racket's toolbar, select someone you've messaged before, and then click the Enable my mic button to send them a new message.

The workflow's the same either way: Tap Enable my Mic and let Racket access your mic, then tap Start recording and say your message, then send it. Got more to say? Repeat and send another message.

→ Racket DMs use your default mic—here's how to change your mic if you need to.

Then, if the person you sent responds, Racket will send you a notification. You can jump into your Messages pane from the paper airplane icon or go directly to to listen to replies and check back on the messages you've sent.

Keep people from sending you a DM

If you get messages from people who you'd rather not hear from, you can block them from sending you messages on Racket. To do that, open your Racket Messages, find the person you want to block, then click the 3-dot icon on the top beside the Follow/Following button, and select Block Name. They'll then not be able to send you messages in the future.

If someone is breaking Racket's community guidelines, please reach out and let our team know as well.

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