How to Share a Racket

How to Share a Racket

Make sure everyone can hear your Rackets—and the best other Rackets you discover.
Anyone can listen to a Racket—no account needed.

Publishing your Racket is only half the job. Now it's time to make sure everyone hears what you had to say.

You can copy the link to your Racket and share it anywhere. Or, click the Share button on any Racket to quickly post your Racket to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

For now, Racket will show a preview of your Racket's title and speakers, so people get an idea of what you'll talk about before they click through and listen.

Share your Racket where you have the most followers. On Instagram, you could update your profile link to your Racket profile, or on your blog or email newsletter, you could link directly to your Racket. One trick to embed Rackets in your blog is to screenshot a Racket, then include that image in your blog or email, and link it to the Racket so your followers can listen. Or, you could download your Racket then include it in a podcast, if you want.

And if you're listening to someone else's Racket and love it, tap the Share button and let your followers know about it, too. If you Tweet a Racket, it'll include the participants' Twitter profiles so they'll be notified as well.

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