How to update your Racket account

How to update your Racket account

Share more about yourself on Racket, tweak your password and email settings, and more.

Seasons change. The avatar and account name you picked when you first joined Racket might not fit you anymore. Even if they do, you might like to add a bit more detail. Here's how.

It all starts in your Racket Account Settings. There, you can update your name, profile picture, or email address anytime you need—though you'll need to verify your email address after updating it.

Note: You can update your Racket username—but when you do, all of your existing Racket's links will update to use the new username, and older links to your Rackets you may have shared will not work. Your Racket Studio link will also change to use the new username, so if you've invited anyone to collaborat with you, be sure to send them your new studio link.

Share your Twitter account, blog, and more on Racket

What you'll likely want to change more often are the details on your Racket account. Scroll down on the Racket settings page to add a bio, website link, and Twitter username.

Your bio can be up to 400 characters long—and you can add Markdown formatting to emphasize text or add extra links if you want.

Your Website link needs to include the leading https://, and you can use that to share your blog, Instagram, TikTok, podcast, or anywhere else you'd like people to visit to learn more about you and your work.

And for Twitter, all you need is your username—without the @ sign—and Racket will do the rest. Once you've added your Twitter username, whenever someone shares your Rackets on Twitter, your account will get mentioned so you'll get notified.

Hide or show NSFW Rackets

One final set of options on your account settings are the NSFW options. By default, your Racket feed will only show "safe for work" Rackets that don't include sensitive content—something that's part of Racket's community guidelines, as we're trying to build a friendly community with audio everyone can enjoy. But some topics might not be for everyone, but are still something you'd like to talk about, and that's why we have a NSFW option to build a space for them as well. If you'd like to enable NSFW Rackets on your account, check the View NSFW content.

You can then set any of your Rackets as NSFW individually, if you need—or, if most of the content you'll create will be NSFW, or if you'd rather it not be indexed and shown on the Trending feed, you can set Racket to mark your content as NSFW by default as well.

Change your Racket Password

Forgot your Racket password, or want to change it to something a bit more secure? There are two ways to update your Racket password, even if you're locked out of your account.

From Racket's Settings: The easiest way to update your password is from your Racket Password settings, which you can find in the Password tab of your Account Settings page. There, enter your existing password along with your new one. Confirm the updated password and save, then update your password manager to make sure you don't forget the new password.

From Racket's login page: Or, if you've forgotten your password, or are logged out of your account, the easiest way to add a new password is to reset it. Go to Racket's Forgot your Password page—or go to login and click the forgot link under the sign in form. Enter your email, then click the link Racket will send you to set a new password and login to Racket.

Tweak your Racket Notification settings

Want to get fewer emails from Racket—or unsubscribed from Racket updates and would like to get them again? Your email settings are where you can tweak that and more.

Open your Racket Account Settings, and tap the Email Settings tab on the left—or tap the Unsubscribe link on the bottom of every email you receive from Racket. There, you can set to get notified always, sometimes, or never about new DMs, followers, and Rackets + Volleys from the people you follow on Racket.

  • Never means never; select that, and you'll get no emails from Racket about those items.
  • Sometimes means that we won't email you every time; if you get one message or if someone you follow posts something today, you'll get notified, then we'll wait a bit before emailing again, even if more stuff comes in.
  • Always means you'll get all the emails—every time that thing happens, you'll get a message. That's great for DMs, for instance, if you want to know whenever someone sends you a message.

Then, you can opt in or out of Racket's weekly roundup of popular Rackets, along with updates from the Racket team and CEO whenever we add new features.

If you have trouble with your email notifications, please email our team and we'll help you get it sorted.

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