How to run an AMA on Racket

How to run an AMA on Racket

Let anyone ask you anything.

Listening to a Racket, and want to hear that person's take on your question? Or want others to ask you questions to help start your Rackets? That's where the Ask me anything feature comes in handy.

On every Racket profile, you'll find an Ask me Anything button. Tap that—or go directly to any user's AMA page at—then record an up-to-30-second question for them. You can also share your AMA page to let others ask you a question.

How to answer your AMA questions

Then, when people ask you questions, it's time to reply. You'll get notified whenever a new question comes in—or you can go to your Racket Questions page to see each question you've received (along with those you've asked others).

Tap Reply, and Racket will open the studio for you to record a Racket answer. Much like a Volley, you can listen to the question first, then record your answer in a Racket—and the question and answer will be fused together when you publish.

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