The Racket Dictionary.

The Racket Dictionary.

What's in a name?


1. The easiest way to publish audio. 2. A short audio recording, on

Racket's the place you come to find new things to listen to and record your voice and conversations when new ideas come to mind. But it's also what we call the recordings here—you open the studio, hit record, and make a Racket.

AMA or Ask Me Anything:

An easy way to ask anyone on Racket anything you want in an up-to-30-second question—and get a response in a public Racket.

DM, Direct Message, or Voice Memo:

A private, up-to-1-minute-long audio message sent inside Racket to any other individual Racket account. You can check your direct messages from Racket's Messages tab.


A group discussion on Racket, starting with an up-to-30-second audio prompt that anyone can then reply to with a full Racket of their own that will first include the Volley prompt or question, followed by their response.


The Racket recording tool where you'll record your Rackets. The studio inlcudes a 9 minute countdown timer, tools to approve guests and chat with them, and microphone settings among other tools. You'll find the Racket Studio by tapping the Create or Make a Racket buttons in Racket.


The list of all the Rackets you've saved to listen to later, along with all the new Rackets published by people you follow on Racket.


A part of a Racket recording. Whenever you start recording then press Pause, Racket saves what you've recorded as a Segment. You can then resume recording and add another segment—or can discard the previous segment and re-record if needed.

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