a Voice Memos guide.

a Voice Memos guide.

How to save and share audio from your iPhone.
a Voice Memos guide.

You’re out on a run, about to jump on a train, cooking dinner and your hands are a mess—and just then, when you can’t really type, an idea comes to mind. What better way to save it for later than to just say it?

So you open Voice Memos (after, if you’re anything like me, searching for sound and record before finally remember what it’s called) and record your idea. A couple taps and a minute of talking, and your idea’s safe.

Now, to share that idea.

That’s easy if you’re sending it to another iPhone user, or saving it to an app on your phone—but a bit harder if you’d like to share it elsewhere, as Voice Memos exports your audio as an .m4a file, not the more standard .mp3 file you might expect.

export your Voice Memo, then convert it to an mp3.

So here’s how to export an mp3 from Apple’s Voice Memos:

First, save your recording. Open the Voice Memos app, tap the three-dot menu, then tap the Save to Files icon. Choose where to save your file—an iCloud Drive or Dropbox folder is ideal, so you can open the file on your computer if you need.

Then, you’ll need to convert the m4a file to an mp3 file. My default go-to for this is CloudConvert, mostly so you don’t have to install anything, and it works on any phone or computer. Go to cloudconvert.com, tap Select File, then choose the file you saved before. Pick to convert it to an mp3 file—and once it’s done, tap Download to save the mp3 to your phone.

Another more detailed option would be to use an audio editing app like Audacity on your computer, where you can edit the recording and then export as an mp3. Great if you have the time, but a simple conversion is likely easiest.

Either way, once your Voice Memos file is converted, you can share it or use it in any app that works with mp3s. Your idea’s finally ready to listen to, anywhere.

or, make a Racket.

Or, even easier: Record a Racket.

It might not be your first pick, but Racket—our up-to-9-minute audio recording and sharing platform—could be a great way to record ideas on the go, especially if you’re planning to share them publicly anyhow.

You open Racket, jump into your studio, and start recording—your iPhone mic’s perfect for that. You’ve got up to 9 minutes, plenty to share an idea, play a bit of a tune you’ve been improving, record whatever you want. When you’re done, stop the recording, add a title, and publish your Racket.

Then, there are two Racket extras that might come in handy. You can download an mp3 of your recording: Go to your My Posts page, tap Download on any Racket you’ve recorded, and you’ll get an mp3 to save and share. And, you can get transcribed text of your recording: Tap the menu in the top right of your Racket, select Transcript, then copy the text to have a written record of your idea.

The next time an idea strikes, Voice Memos works—or it might be time to make a Racket.